LED Perimeters Control System

The only perfect-sync
in the market.





LED Perimeters Control System

Unparalleled synchronization

Only supplier in the market to ensure perfect synchronicity across multiple outputs up to 8K, exactly frame to frame.
The GS LED Double Perimeter Control System offers unparalleled reliability for broadcasting. Always in-sync even over hours of playing.

Powerful Control

We supply the LED perimeters systems integrated to GS ONE platform, which expands the control of video content conveying tools for managing of playlist, scenes, dynamic content. Turning easy to seamlessly control multiple outputs on LED perimeters setups.

Operation Made Easy

GS LED Perimeters Control System simplifies the set up of wide screen formats. It speeds up the production with features auto scaling, auto resampling. Dynamic replacing of video pieces. Full screen and 3D virtual previews. Easy management of diverse media resolution and framerate mixing.


GS Software for LED Perimeters Control
Unparalleled Video Referee Padel Technology

GS Software for LED Perimeters Control

UEFA Compliance

Adhere to the all technical standards regarding tech specs, operation and safety set for UEFA Stadiums and football tournaments.

Tech Specs

Full redundancy w/ automatic switching and “position” controling.
Perfect-synch of multiple outputs up to 8K, exact frame-to-frame.
Supports “parallel ads” - virtual advertising.
HDMI, SDI, DP outputs.
Proof of play / Report log
Unlimited in-system resolution. 
UEFA Compliance.
Optical distortion correction.
Suitable for customized hardware setups, incl. high performance server racks.