Empowering arenas with technology

Leading sports organizations use Goal Sport’s solutions in their digital systems for smart in-broadcasting and video officiating applications.

Leading sport organizations

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Goal Sport Software Systems for Venue Control in Arenas and Stadiums
Goal Sport Software venue control platform
Video file
Video file

Software systems for venue control, live production and video reviewing

We develop a wide range of technologies for digital systems within arenas and we tailor our technology according to the goals of the project.  Let us help you deliver more in your system integration.

GS Video Reviewing

GS VAR system passed all the FIFA® tests

Our flexible video officiating platform that can be scaled for different uses and size requirements. Designed for referees, coaches and players GS VAR has recently passed all the tests required for football usage.

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Video Assistant Referee System in Slovak Football League
Complete venue control solution
GS Playout

Complete venue control solution

Looking for ways to enhance stadium atmosphere? GS Playout Technology enables full control of the media systems and not only for displays, but for audio, lights and much more.

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GS Live Studio

A compact, all-in-one workstation for live productions at sport venues. Create replays and present video content on screens with just a few clicks.

GS Video Review 

Our tablet-based software solution allows a connection to an unlimited number of cameras and wireless connectivity from any in-stadium access point.

Digital Signage & IPTV

GS Software solution allows for easy venue control and for scheduling video content on multiple on-premise displays.


Old Trafford stadium

Goal Sport Software and TGI Sport's cooperation deliver the new scoreboards system of Manchester United’s stadium. The capability of delivering...

Hartwall Arena

Video Goal Judge system in Finland including multiple reviewing stations Goal Sport Technology has released an innovative video refereeing system...
Goal Sport Software Platform

Flexible solutions for AV production in stadium

Goal Sport Software platform has a full range of software applications that go beyond display control at sport venues. You can also control audio, lights, IPTV and digital signage. With scalable solutions we can meet your needs for any size and kind of sport project.