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Advanced control of timing, stats and scoreboards.

GS Timekeeper is essential application for game show production in sport arenas controlling clocks, scoreboards and other devices. Making AV production systems capable of instantly display game events on the giant screens.

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Goal Sport Software Timekeeper for control of scoreboards and game clocks
Software in control of scoreboard and game time

Unified timekeeper control

GS Timekeeper unifies the control of game clocks and scoreboards which then can be easily controlled by our software dashboard. Accurate control of time related devices. Also supports integration of hardware products: Sirens, goal lights, shot clock, basket board lights. It allows easy software-control of multiple game-events on LED scoreboards.

Configurable according to rules of the sport

Currently available for multiple sports. Goal Sport Timekeeper can also be configured by specific sports rules and according to the regulations that govern a league or region. Check out the case study of the York Park Stadium which has an unique GS Timekeeper system designated for Australian rules football.


Timekeeper with multiple sport rules
Player database stores videos, pictures and stat of the players and teams

Database for players and teams

A built-in database application makes it easy store and manage information of tournaments, teams, players, venues and officials. With it you can easily set player profiles, assign videos, text and pictures. The database supports integration to our production solutions, which allows automated feeds of necessary information for roster presentations, player presentations, player statistic screens.

Digital integration

GS Software allows the seamless integration of hardware and software components within a media system, meaning that all the devices connected in the network can be controlled digitally by a single software dashboard. The digital connectivity expands the potential of your system, enabling the use of triggers, macros and scenes. It ensures time-accuracy, synchronicity and quick operation.



Fan watching the game stats

Client server management

Multiple users can simultaneously operate the software in game-day productions when you have multiple designated operators for different tasks.


Overview of the recorded events

GS Timekeeper registers the history with all events in a game and after the match a record of events or gamesheet is available to officials. The output format is customizable.


Main features



  • Scoreboard Controller supports any layout and resolution

  • Built-in Game Clock with centimal accuracy

  • 100+ game event templates - including the popular ones: scoring, penalties, assistances, substitutions

  • Built-in players database
  • In-software macros, triggers and automated events and notifications 

  • Approved by FIFA, FIBA, KHL, IIHF for use in international events. 

  • Supports touch screen, push switchers, lights, sirens, add-on hardware and third parties

  • Export of the timecode and log of events

  • Interconnection with another software, API for 3rd party integrations and game-event notifications.