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Bet365 Stadium boasts the only perfect-sync LED perimeter in the market 

Unique GS Double LED Perimeter Control Systems offer the exclusive capability of perfect frame-to-frame synchronization, a critical selling point for Stoke City FC management aiming to maximize commercial opportunities at Bet365 Stadium with pitch-sided LED boards for advertising. While most stadiums typically feature a single line of LED perimeters around the field, this venue has invested in a double row of LED boards, expanding the available space for sponsoring messages.

It's not just about size; the ability to work with two lines of LED boards enhances creative use of the commercial space. Today's high-resolution LED screens present numerous challenges, with perfect synchronization of multiple outputs being crucial for smooth video delivery, especially in setups with double LED perimeter screens where any deviation from synchronization is perceptible. While standard products on the market may encounter desynchronization issues, particularly during live events, the GS perimeter system stands out for consistently maintaining synchronization of video outputs on Double LED Perimeters even during extended play.

GS's playout technology ensures flawless frame synchronization and addresses the demand for correct optical display and distortion correction required by broadcasters, especially for sports events broadcasted on TV where camera angles are carefully fixed for broadcasting.

The unmatched GS Perimeter Control also boasts:
• Perfect-Sync
• Optical transformation
• Sunshader
• Parallel Ads Support
• Full redundancy - automatic switching
• Support for multiple outputs up to 8K