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Designated scoreboard control system for the Australian rules football

The largest capacity stadium in Tasmania, holding 19,000 people - York Park is primarily used for Australian rules football by Hawthorn Football Club Australian in the Football League (AFL) matches. The multi-sports venue was built in 1873. Throughout its history, York Park has hosted major pop concerts and other entertainments. Since 2001 it has been a venue for international sports events, and in 2005 was redeveloped.

The requirement of specific timekeeper controls for Australian rules football made the contractors of York Park decide for Goal Sport Software. York Park's control system was developed with designated usability according to the rules of the Australian modality, a factor that can't be reproduced by standard solutions in the market.

The same system allows to switch timekeeper controls for other sport modalities that will be hosted at York Park. GS Timekeeper has designated control for 18 sport modalities and can be customized by demand for other sports.

Integrated to the same York Park's AV system are the GS Playout software for control of the screens and content management. The screen set consists of two giant scoreboards and a wide LED perimeter row that covers a large area of the sportsground. Gs Timekeeper allows the management of the scoreboards and game-clocks.

At York Park the LED perimeters row is arranged in a circular shape, being largely visible from the stands, which represents a relevant commercial area that can be used by advertisers and sponsors. GS Playout software has specific tools which ease the operation of widescreen ratios and allow quick preparation and management of the video content for this screen format. The system relies on a backup solution which allows intermittent operation in case of the ceasing of the main system.

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GS Timekeeper designated for Australian rules football
GS Playout software
Backup system