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Raise the fan experience in live events

GS Software provides solutions for all the levels of live productions in sports venues. With you can create compelling game highlights and instantly deliver replays for the delight of the fans. Boost the game-day experience and engage audiences with GS live production.

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Goal Sport Software for Live Production in stadiums and sport arenas
Kiss cam fan experience in indoor arenas

Captivate the audience with live production

GS Live production software solutions feature camera angle switchers, slow motion controls and multiple advanced tools for production of game replays. Goal Sport software has developed a range of solutions for in-stadium live production. It all depends on the factors of your sport project such as number of inputs and complexity in order to achieve any level of live production task.

Dynamic workflow as live sports production requires

Timing is the key in live productions. GS Live production applications are designed to speed up on-the fly operations. They allow you to put out a high-quality video replay in a matter of seconds. With an intuitive software dashboard operators can have previews of all cameras accessible, allowing them to instantly choose transitions and effects and create impressive replays with only a few clicks.

Live production in sports events
Game-show operation - replays, slow motion, game highlights

Designed for in-stadium production

Goal Sport Software’s systems are tailored for your arena’s control system. Allowing operators to have full control of local inputs, so they can create unique game-shows and engage fans throughout the stadium. It's flexible for stadium control rooms, OB trucks and compact portable workstations. It allows easy interconnection with other softwares from the GS Software platform, API for 3rd party integrations and more.

Fast editing, replays, slow motion and more

GS Live solutions speed up the editing of replays in a sports game-show production enhanced by precise and easy-to-use slow motion tools. It allows you to instantly receive content of live inputs, change camera angles and publish a high-quality video in a matter of seconds.


Software for fast creation of game highlights

Discover GS software for live production in sport events

GS Live Production software product line

There is a GS solution for every need of production in-stadium. Talk to our experts to learn more about our single-purpose software solutions for live production.


Powerful all-in-one software for live production
GS Studio

Powerful and all-in-one software for live production

Everything you demand for a live game production in a compact solution. With it you can create and present game replays extremely fast. It allows you to generate graphics for scoreboards and timekeeper events, design player presentations, and manage digital assets. Incredibly easy to control, GS Studio it's a powerful production software that embraces the most demanding features for live controls in a simple dashboard interface and compact unit server workstation.

Main Features


  • Live Switcher with control for multiple camera inputs.

  • Slow motion, transitions and stingers.

  • Ingests overlay graphics

  • Multiview, suitable for auxiliary display

  • Stable recording and precise synchronization of all inputs

  • High-quality image processing

  • Interconnection with another software, online plug-ins, API for 3rd party integrations and game-event notifications.