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Control systems for all levels of productions in sports venues

Have complete control of AV systems in sport arenas with a flexible platform for game-show production, playout, timekeeping, video refereeing and more.

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Software for production of game-day shows in stadiums and sport arenas

GS Video Referee

Designed in consultation with sports referees’ associations and tested on major leagues such as FIFA, KHL, FIBA. GS Video Reviewing systems are built for the extreme conditions of in-game usage. It includes the most reliable tools required by referees, coaches, officials and medics to review critical game situations with confidence and to support real-time decisions.


Goal Sport Video Reviewing Software
Goal Sport Playout Software

GS Playout

A complete venue control software for in-stadium production that allows you to orchestrate game-day shows. Boost a stadium’s atmosphere. Engage fans. GS Playout Technology enables full control of the media systems not only for displays, but audio, lights, IPTV and more to achieve all your goals of audience entertainment in stadiums.


GS Timekeeper

GS timekeeper is essential for game show production. It controls and registers all the game events, and was designed for multiple sports with the specific rules of many sports federations. It keeps the audience informed in the stadium and controls the game clock, manages the scoreboards, registers game events such as scoring, penalties, rosters, assists and many other game events.


Goal Sport Timekeeper Software
Goal Sport Software for replays, slow motion and game highlights in live production

GS Live Production

Make the fan experience in the arenas even more memorable. Resources like replays, camera angles and slow-motion highlights make a big difference to live in-stadium entertainment. GS Software has live production systems that fit the most diverse kind of arena projects.


Couldn’t find the technology you were looking for? 

Goal Sport Software’s platform consists of a full range of software applications, from single-purposed systems to complex technology integrations for sporting arenas and stadiums. That makes it flexible technology for various kinds of production and sizes of sport venues. Talk directly to one of our experts to find the most suitable solution for your project.

What else you can get with our solutions?

  • Flexibility to develop and tailor specific solutions
  • 100% oriented for in-stadium technology
  • Capability of deploy full system integration
  • In-house software development
  • Project management, installation, training and support
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