FIFA Quality GS VAR Light

High performance compact VAR

The GS VAR Light Systems are FIFA® Quality Certified, powerful solutions for 4-8x camera inputs with quick set up and easy operation.

VAR Light System Goal Sport System
GS VAR Light Systems FIFA Certified

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GS VAR Light Egypt Cup

Compact systems with great results.

The GS VAR Light Systems are FIFA Quality Certified which compact and portable hardware for football official competitions which can be set up in minutes and allows effortless operatorion.

  • 4-8x camera inputs
  • It can be operated by one person
  • Optional VOL
  • Standalone server / desktop / portable / laptop version.

GS Virtual Offside Lines (VOL)

Optional GS Virtual Offside Lines Technology (VOL), FIFA® Certified for an intuitive and quickly-drawn 3D offside line. 'Deep learning' algorithms are used for automatic pitch recognition. This system can be deployed according to the operators' needs: either as a standalone or integrated into the GS VAR, VAR Light, and GS VAR Box systems.

  • 3D virtual offside line (crosshair or triangulation)
  • Automatic pitch area recognition powered by AI
  • Manual enhancement with arbitrary points, providing a choice for correcting AI limitations and addressing complex camera views.
GS Virtual Offside Lines - VOL

Designed for projects that don't require a large number of camera inputs, it offers turn-key and portable versions, easily set up on-site in minutes. GS VOL technology can be included, meeting the FIFA® VAR requirements for official football competitions.

GS VAR Light systems provide key features of a regular GS VAR systems, simplifying logistics and operation for official football match video reviews. Our common versions are lightweight, measuring just 50x60x30cm, and are bulilt into a heavy-duty flight case with a high-performance GS VAR Server, touch-screen, multi-angle display mounting, and controllers.

José Fuente


“We found the right fit for our sports services in Goal Sport Software, thanks to the wide range of video review products they offer. We’re pleased with the flexible development and support of their solutions.”

Francisco José de la Fuente

MEDIAPRO - Director of the International Audiovisual Services Area


“Goal Sport Technology’s design of the system, from the VOR to the OB trucks, including the on-field systems, camera setups, and referee review areas, have greatly improved our video reviewing. Goal Sport’s commitment has been key to the success of the VAR project.”

Vladimír Medveď

Slovakian Football Federation - Referee Development Manager and UEFA | Referee Development Manager

VAR All-in-one BOX System by Goal Sport Software

An all-in-one compact system, fully functional box for 8 cameras +1 VOR. Includes GS VOL (Virtual Offside Line) weights only 23kg in a Pelicase. It provides everything you need to meet FIFA® requirements for camera inputs (up to 3G-SDI).

Connects up to 5 tablets with Goal Sport Software for coaching and medical purposes. That's all you need to officiate a game based on FIFA's® rules for video refereeing, including portable GS MVRS (Medical Tablet).

GS VAR BOX All-in-one