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Goal sport software is an all-in-one platform for all kinds of sporting events. Edit, create and display content with no hassle, even in live mode or post production.

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We are a family company providing people all over the world with better experience from the game for more than 15 years. We do not care about the size of your business, we are always firstly interested how keen you are to play the game for the sore reason - if you are keen, we can understand each other. Your fans will love you - in the same way we love the game.

Jan Smrcek - CEO

  • Complete turnkey solution
  • Complete turnkey solution
  • Online and on-site support


Every single detail plays a crucial role in the contemporary ice hockey - sometimes it's just a millimetre on the goal line or just a second of inattention. One is fighting not only on the ice rink but increasingly more also on the "backstage" that is invisible for the regular spectators. Dozens of cameras, hundreds of animations, music at the stadium — all these aspects must perfectly match up with what is happening on the ice rink. With GOAL SPORT SOFTWARE we managed to take control of all those elements during the Ice Hockey World Championship 2015 without any hesitation. Literarily, the whole world kept particular attention to us but we did not hang back for a single moment - thanks to GOAL SPORT SOFTWARE.

Mgr. Kamil Vrubl
the Chairman of the Board of Directors OSTRAVA

For a long time we were seeking a partner that would be expertly administrating all audio-visual outputs during all matches. There are loads of things such as videos on the media cube, the LED screens on the boards, sounds or the music that we need to manage and take care of. GOAL SPORT SOFTWARE, however, moved our possibilities to a very different level. I guess we are now able to be a real competitor for plentiful stadiums in NHL. And our fans appreciate that - in the same way as our victory!

Ing. Jan Czudek
the Vice-president of the HOCKEY CLUB OCELÁŘI TŘINEC a.s.

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