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Have full control of game-show productions

Orchestrate game-day shows. Boost stadium atmosphere. Engage fans. GS Playout software allows to easy to manage the content delivery to any device within an sport venues such as displays, digital signage, IPTV, audio, lights, scoreboards and more.

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Venue control with easy operation

Venue control with easy operation

GS Playout integrates controls for video, audio, lighting, timing and scoring into a single software dashboard. With it, it's easy to prepare and present media content across multiple devices within a sports venue. It turns the orchestration of entire game-day shows simpler resulting in more efficient operation and astonishing fan experience.


Simultaneous control of multiple devices

GS Playout allows you to control multiple devices connected to an AV system. It enables synchronization of video content, audio and lights. For instance you can seamlessly control scoreboards, LED perimeters and hundreds of displays in the same building. It empowers you to operate AV systems on full-scale.


Simultaneous control of multiple devices
Player presentations

Players presentation

GS Playout has its own database of players and team information. It allows you to create player profiles with pictures, videos and other specifications. It automatically creates player presentations with the graphical templates you choose.

It receives notifications of game events such as goals, penalties and assists from GS Timekeeper. The events are automatically created with the corresponding player allowing operators to quickly present these events on the big screen.



The content manager you need in live sport events

All the tools to present a compelling game show in a single software. Featuring intuitive screens control panel, audio mixer, graphical editor, multi-view, dynamic texting, it offers a flexible and effective ways to prepare and present your content on the big screens and captivate your audience.


Complete content management for sporting venues


IPTV and Digital Signage

Captivate your audience, drive additional revenue and create a premium experience. Engage fans with video on demand exclusive content such as game highlights. Guests in VIP rooms can instantly watch replays of the camera angle they chose – this is all possible with GS IPTV integration. Keep them coming back for more by delivering exciting real-time video, updates, scores and purchase opportunities in and around sporting arenas.



Native support of ribbon screens

Native support of ribbon LEDs, perimeter screens and fascia boards. This technology automatically scales and copies pieces of content, then displays it as a single screen. All of this is supported and can be used at the same time in playlists. The exclusive sun shader feature easily corrects the visibility of screens in open stadiums affected by sunlight and shadowing. It controls and schedules the color and brightness settings on specific areas of the displays. It's a perfect feature for operation of LED perimeters in sport fields such as football, rugby and cricket.



Built-in graphical editor Screen for templates and graphics

Screen templates and graphics

A built-in application where you can configure screens for your project. With this tool you can easily customize the number of screens and set custom ratios and resolutions. You can also create custom graphics, for example for scoreboards, game clocks or player stats cards. GS Graphical Editor has several additional plugins for game information available for multiple sport rules.



Venue Control Solution

GS Playout can be part of the venue control system, along with other products of Goal Sport Software platform and additional in-stadium technology. Learn more about our integration services.

Venue Control Solution

Main features

  • Playlists, Scenes, Hotbar, Macros, Timekeeper

  • Native support of ribbon screens including sun shader

  • Supports touch screen operation, jog switchers, external control panels and keyboards

  • Full redundancy with content and stage of play sync

  • Interconnection with another software, online plug-ins, API for 3rd party integrations and game-event notifications.

  • Supports multiple media formats and protocols

  • Proof of play of every piece of content displayed