The New Stavanger Oiler's Media Cube

Together with Videoforce , Goal Sport Technology was chosen to design and construct the new media cube at DNB Arena in Stavanger, Norway. As part of this project, a brand-new media cube has been installed that greatly enhances the Stavanger Oilers' fan experience.

The new center-hung, commonly known as a digital scoreboard, features 168 sqm of LED screens, making it Norway's largest and finest LED cube. Each side is 7m wide and 6m high. All sides have a convex surface that gives a fantastic impression in use. There are no pixel gaps at the corners of the cube, so the entire screen surface is available for seamless displaying of videos, creating a giant screen dedicated area for advertising and infotainment.

The LED screen system was integrated into GS Venue Control Software for live production, playout, and timekeeping, allowing simultaneous control of multiple devices in sync. Along with the in-broadcasting solutions mentioned, GS Video Referee for indoor sports and GS Video Review Software for iPad control were implemented. All these solutions are part of the Goal Sport Software.



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The new LED screens have a significantly wider area for video content than the previous media cube, which translates to a massive increase in the commercial space available for sponsoring messages in the arena.

I'd like to express my appreciation for the work done by Goal Sport Technologyand Videoforce in designing and constructing the media cube at DNB Ice Arena. Their skillful integration of hardware and software has notably enhanced our spectator experience, providing a flexible platform for engaging our audiences."

Johnny Olsen - AV Manager DNB Arena - Stavanger Oilers

The custom screen shape of the new media cube, with its rounded sides, increases the visibility of the screens from any viewpoint in the stadium, allowing for maximum visual impact and new ways to provide entertainment for the audience.

"Goal Sport Technology did a fantastic job with the media cube at DNB Ice Arena. Their integration of hardware and software has significantly enhanced the system's capabilities, benefiting the spectator experience. Teaming up with Videoforce, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive in-stadium tech solutions in Scandinavia."

Anders Krogh - Videoforce Norway

The construction of DNB Arena's cube structure, despite some challenging aspects of the venue, was adapted so that it could be hoisted up between the girders in the hall. It is specially designed to be as light as possible. All integration tasks were performed within stakeholders' expectations.

DNB Arena's system is another excellent achievement, resulting from a neat teamwork effort with our long-term partners Videoforce, and our team at Goal Sport Software is very satisfied with the final successful result, which is evident in the great shows during the Oilers' game days.