VAR System at Korean Football League

Elevating Officiating in the Korean Football League with VAR and VOL Technology

The Korean Football League has recently had its VAR system upgraded with GS VAR and GS VOL, both FIFA® certified technologies, with the technical expertise of Goal Sport. This upgrade included integrating seven VAR systems into OB vans, expanding their capabilities to integrate 16 camera inputs and Virtual Offside Lines (VOL) technology. Backups were also added ensuring the systems stability for recordings and during the review operation.

In collaboration with Goal Sport Software, this expansion has significantly improved the refereeing capabilities of video refereeing in the K-League.

"Goal Sport’s dedication to delivering tailored technical solutions has been instrumental in improving the quality of refereeing in our league. We appreciate their reliable support in this regard."

Kim Do Young, Head of operations Unbiz, South Korea


This technological advancement aligns the K-league with global standards, while enhancing the football experience for players, officials, and fans. The K-League, South Korea's premier football league, is known for its competitiveness, talent development, and dedicated fan following, making it a significant success in Asian football.