CC Amfi Arena pre-game show

CC Amfi Ice Arena. Astonishing game-shows on ice

At CC-Amfi Ice Arena, house of Storhamar HC, we installed together a media system which the highlight is the LED cube. It consists of several parts, and all sides, including the corners, are LED screens. Total size is about 120 m2.

If you have a change to watch StorHamar HC's game at this venue, you'll be surprised by the contagious fan atmosphere which is considerably boosted by the AV presentation which includes the introduction show combining not only video and audio content, but lights, video mapping, and fireworks. Of course, the show continues until the end of the matches, including a series of video animations, sound effects previously prepared in playlists and scenes on GS Playout Software to be triggered according to the events that happen during every game. 

The content of the screens is controlled by the Goal Sport Software in addition to the actual Timekeeper and scoreboard functionality. It allows to display player presentations, sponsor presentations, live TV streaming and to display graphic elements. 

We have also installed 12 LED "corridor screens". These screens located above the entrances are also run by GS Digital Signage solution and display advertisements for sponsors and also can synchronize the contents of these screens with the LED cube, which gives great visual expression. The system also counts on GS live video switcher as slow motion software which allows instant video production of game highlights and replays.

Since 2015 we have had a solid cooperation with Video Force, which is a major local player with a solid sense of the Scandinavian sports industry. During this time we have effectively deployed integrated systems in 10 arenas of Norway.