Like any sports fans we want to have an unforgettable time in a stadium.

How do we make it?

We've focus on Sports

Since we started Goal Sport Software, we have had a clear idea that we should be dedicated to sports business only. Sports broadcasting is a market that demands a wide range of software solutions and A/V integration. That’s why we we focus only on this and do not venture into other areas.

13 years of Experience

Goal Sport Software has years of experience and more than 100 installations together offering reliable solutions used over the years in leading arenas and stadiums around the world. Our technical team is highly specialised in hardware and software integration.

We supply full integration

We offer true turn key-solutions, from initial consultations and first designs to construction design, hardware installation and on-site installation. Training operators, content creation and online support are also services we provide most of our clients.

Make it easy to be profitable

One of the main drivers in our software development program is the absolute need to be easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. It makes all the difference in productivity. Saving money and time from the initial implementation and into day-to-day operations is a primary Goal Sport concern. Having achieved this also positioned Goal Sport Software as one of the most cost-effective software solutions on the market.

We care about our customers

It doesn’t matter the size of your sports project, we are always firstly interested in improving the game. We can sort out the most suitable solution to help your business grow while improving fan and audience experience.


Don’t hesitate to ask our team to sort out solutions for your sporting projects.

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