GS Video Review

Wireless video referee technology now accessible to every arena

The portable video referee system with unique tablet interface that delivers essential technology arenas need for video officiating.


Operation Freedom.
Now you can have video officiating wherever you require inside a sports building.

Goal Sport’s Video Review System is supported for use on tablets wirelessly connected. It can be used by the people who matter: the referees, coaches and players; where they need to use it: be it on the bench, in the stands, or in an OB Truck.


Smart operation.
Designed in conjunction with officials, coaches and leagues. 

Goal Sport’s Video Referee system is a solution with 2+ years of development, in conjunction with officials, coaches and leagues. It’s been validated in for referees associations of multiple sports. In this cooperation, the system functions were improved to achieve easy and fast workflow. It boasts enhanced features for slow motion, camera switching, instant replays, speed control, zooming, marking, rewinding and much more. GS technology ensures precise synchronization of all camera inputs on frame and timecoding levels.


Compact size. Easy integration.

  • Wireless and touch-screen operation
  • All-portable (pelicase included)
  • Plug and play – no assistant-operation necessary
  • Ultra portable video server 
  • 12,3″ retina resolution tablet



Powerful backbone 

Don’t be fooled by its size! GS Video Review runs on a powerful system designed and tested in the adverse conditions in the field of play.
 It features NDI|HX, allowing it to ingest any and all cameras on arenas network, which become immediately available as live video inputs.

  • Accurate synchronization of all camera inputs. Streams won’t be off by more than one frame even after days of recording.
  • Up to 6 live simultaneous NDI|HX streams (you can have many inputs connected to the network and select/change, among them, those that will be displayed by the software)
  • High-performance small form factor video server
  • High-speed wifi
 in 30 mts radius of the access points




GS Video Review can be integrated into different uses from the same technology, optimising costs and operational efforts. 

  • Video Officiating
  • Coach’s Challenge
  • Video Coaching and training
  • Team and individual video archive
  • Medical analysis
  • Video archive for legal cases involving in-game situations



Flexibility and support in the integration

Since video referee systems vary according specific requirements of every league and sport rules, we provide support in the software and hardware integration to tailor the systems according the needs of your project.



Smart return of Investment

GS Video Review brings the video analysis from the field of play right into the eyes of fans. Sponsors can take advantage of the brakes in play and coaches challenges for advertising and catching the eyes of thousands fans.

For leagues, it’s a unprecedented advertising space, one that is entirely connected to game action.




Innovative wireless video goal judge solution in KHL

Goal Sport Technology has just finished installing at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland with an innovative video goal judge system. We are providing the official video officiating technology for Jokerit Hockey Club, which was needed to meet the requirements set by the KHL, Kontinental Hockey League, one of the best and most detailed in the world.

Video referee officials have access to 16 live feeds in the arena, all of which need to be in high-definition, precisely positioned, and in complete sync with each other. These outputs are also delivered to referee control room and timekeeper’s referee bench, and remotely to the KHL’s control centre in Moscow.

Additionally, the outputs are delivered wirelessly to tablets running GS Video Review software, especially designed for portable operation.



Technology helps out HC Bílí Tygři Liberec – twice!

Playoff hockey is intense, and every goal matters. So when you’re able to use software on the bench to check plays and challenge the on-ice decision, it’s a big advantage. Bílí Tygři Liberec have used our review software to confidently initiate a “Coach’s Challenge” twice this season during Czech Extraliga playoff games. Against Mountfield HK and Sparta Prague, they were quickly able to review goals and then challenge them – and on both occasions, the referees washed out the goals after using the video review system. 

Two goals against ruled out, and technology again making sure the correct decisions were made.



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