Video referee

The reliable tool for real-time decisions

Video referee

Video referee

The software specially designed for sport referees. Accuracy and speed for reviewing along with high custom set of cameras and proper video compression.

FIFA-Approved Concept

The easy operation and quick response were highlighted as benefits of the software by the FIFA members during the tests.

Ensures fast response to any situation of the game.

In professional games referees cannot afford delay any time. GS Video Referee its easy to use and allows fast and reliable workflow to video analysing in real-time.

You can only analyse what you can see.

With GS Video Referee you can choose up to 16 HD synchronized angles to watch in real-time or in the review mode. It also features high performance video compression that avoids blurred images.

All the tools referees need are in the fingerprints.

GS Video Referee can be controled either on touch screen or jog controller. It eases to manage slow motion, rewinding, zooming, time-marks, flagging, camera selecting and sharing.

Additional features

Forced Delayed Feed

When turned on the camera input is delayed few seconds to cover the time the referee in field will take to reach the screen.


Tag specific time-marks by its severity or in case you want to analyse it later.


Add GS Timekeeper to the system and take advantage of all auto generated marks.

Drag and drop cameras

Straightforward way to select the camera angles.

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